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Academic Policy Manual (APM)

Below is a summary of policies covered in each section:

Section 100: Organization and Governance

Mission statement; statement on academic freedom; advisory boards; ancillary units.

Section 200: Academic and Curricular Affairs

Undergraduate and graduate education and curriculum; academic standards; grading; distance learning; international education.

Section 300: Personnel

Appointment; faculty evaluation; faculty responsibilities and workload; professional development and leaves; nondiscrimination policies; other personnel-related topics.

Section 400: Student Affairs

Student rights; discipline; miscellaneous policies relating to students.

Section 500: Research and Instructional Support

Grants and contracts; human and animal subjects; handling of controlled substances; intellectual property.

Section 600: Miscellaneous Policies

University income; gifts and endowments; communication; facilities and grounds; complaint procedures.

Section 700: Collective Bargaining Agreement

The California Faculty Association (CFA) Unit 3 Collective Bargaining Agreement on the California State University website at this link.

MAPP: Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures

A comprehensive reference of the most current policies issued by the university. Policy at this university is established by the President in consultation with faculty, managers, and students depending on the nature of the policy. The MAPP is updated as policies or policy revisions are issued and is subject to change at any time.


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