Leadership and Social Justice Programs

Leadership and Social Justice Programs builds the leadership capacity of Fresno State students through a social justice lens. Our programs allow students to develop self-awareness and their personal leadership philosophy.

We connect students with opportunities to learn and grow as leaders through our signature programs:

  • Just getting started? Join us for an Emerging Leaders Retreat and discover your leadership potential! During this 3-day experience you'll get to know other students, learn about leadership and social justice, and have fun!
  • Attend any four Leadership On Demand events and you'll be inducted into the Leadership Academy. You'll receive automatic access to other leadership events and opportunities.
  • Graduate students have the unique opportunity to participate in the Graduate Student Leadership Institute. This two day retreat was designed specifically for this population and focuses on skills you can use to give yourself a professional edge.

Looking for more ways to be a leader at Fresno State? Check our Recruitment page to explore even more options.

Workshops Offered (upon request or at programs):

  • Leadership Practices Inventory
    • Kouzes and Posner's 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership is explained to participants and assists them in understanding how they most commonly engage in leadership.
  • Understanding Yourself and Others' Leadership Practices
    • Leadership is explained to participants using a metaphor of migrating birds. Participants will have the opportunity to examine leadership from their own perspective and then engage in dialogue to understand how their peers practice leadership.
  • Leadership and Career Readiness
    • Recent studies show employers seeking to hire students who have leadership skills. This workshop helps students understand how they themselves define leadership and reframe the idea of what it means to be a leader. Participants then engage in conversations on how to display leadership through resumes and interviewing.
  • Leadership Identities
    • Each individual person holds various identities. Based on our personal identities we demonstrate leadership differently. Participants will list their identities and how these identities shape their approach to leadership.
  • Leadership through a Social Justice Lens
    • Everyone defines leadership and social justice differently. In this workshop participants will construct their own definitions of each term and discuss how leaders can lead with a social justice lens.
  • The Woke Leader
    • The term woke can be defined as being aware of the social climate around you and taking action to address injustices. This workshop examines social injustices and provides tools for how we can be better advocates and allies for one another.
  • Lyrical Leadership
    • Kousez and Posner's 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership are explained through song lyrics.
  • Fearless Leadership
    • A hidden issue that all leaders experience is imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is a state of not feeling like enough or like a fraud in a leadership role. Presenters define the term for participants and provide tools for combating imposter syndrome in order to be a fearless leader.
  • Who You are and Why it Matters in Leadership
    • Leaders are not born, they are developed. Each experience we have in life plays a part in our leadership development. Participants will think critically about who they are and what cultures they possess, which contribute to their leadership journey.


Signature Programs

Emerging Leaders Retreat (ELR)

Want to get involved on campus but not sure where to start? ELR has helped hundreds of students find their best fit! Build connections on campus and in the community while exploring leadership and having fun!

ELR is FREE to all students and includes a ropes course experience, networking opportunities, community service, and more. Please bring your student ID card to check in at the event.

Two Retreats Offered in the Fall and Spring (Fall Dates Below)

Register today at: bit.ly/elrfall19

ELR Fall 2019 Retreat Dates

  • Friday, October 11 - Sunday, October 13
  • Friday, November 22 - Sunday, November 24

Leadership Academy

Attend any four Leadership On Demand workshops per semester and be received into the Leadership Academy. No prior registration necessary to attend in person, just bring your ID card! To attend virtually through Zoom, please register with your Fresno State email username and password. Register for the online workshops at bit.ly/zoomleadership

Fall 2019 Leadership On Demand ScheduleEach Leadership On Demand workshop will be held on Tuesdays from 5-6PM in the University Student Union. Please click on the "Leadership Academy" link to your left for workshop descriptions and information on how to Zoom in to the workshops. Topic schedule subject to change. 

  • Tuesday, October 1st: "Fearless Leadership" by Jerry Gomez & Sophie Karas
  • Tuesday, October 8th:"Student Leader Panel" with Alisha Wilson, Michael Ballin, Allison Bacani, Sanjay Soundarajan, & D'Aungillique Jackson
  • Tuesday, October 15th:"Lived Experiences Matter: Uncovering Your Leadership Journey" by Gilbert Falcon & Ramiro Merino
  • Tuesday, October 22nd: "Lyrical Leadership" by Cameron Brackett & Cydney Caradonna
  • Tuesday, October 29th:"Mastering Mentoring Through Cultural Competency" by Cameron Brackett

Graduate Student Leadership Institute

Saturday, September 28 & Sunday, September 29

Register today at: bit.ly/gslifall19

The Graduate Student Leadership Institute (GSLI) is a leadership opportunity designed specifically for post-baccalaureate students. GSLI is a two day immersive experience that covers advanced leadership and professional development topics. At the event you will get to know graduate students from other departments (and connect with the leaders of tomorrow), get the benefit of years of experience in a concise curriculum, and boost your capacity for leadership. 


Partnership Programs

 Lenses of Leadership

Lenses of Leadership is a monthly leadership panel, which examines how our intersecting identities influences our approach to leadership. Check out faculty, staff, administrators, students, and community members share their leadership lessons from their personal experiences. Each month features a specific identity (race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, etc.). This program is a partnership between the Center for Leadership, the Cross Cultural and Gender Center, and SupportNet. Refreshments provided!

Monthly Panel Dates from 12:30pm - 1:30pm in USU 312-314:

  • Thursday, February 21st- LatinX
  • Thursday, March 21st- Asian American Pacific Islander
  • Thursday, April 25th- Mental Health
  • Thursday, December 5th- LGBTQQ+